High Speed Internet Providers in Portland

Every day, thousands of Americans consider switching their internet provider. But the truth is that many of them won't go through with it, simply because staying with the same provider is often a lot simpler than trying to find quality internet providers in Portland in a vast sea of options. And there is much truth to that statement; those looking for a new company, especially those who are new to an area, may have a much more difficult time finding someone due to not knowing which companies are available.

So let’s take a look at what’s available in Portland.

But resources do exist which have completed most of the difficult work of finding a provider so that you don't have to. And these resources can save you a lot of time and money, because when you use them, you don't have to waste time considering ISPs who may not be available in your area.

The list of companies below service Portland area zip codes from 97201 to 97299. More information can be had about any one of them by clicking on their names.


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This popular service provider is well-equipped to meet today's increasing demand, both for residential and business owners. There are a number of high speed internet access packages to choose from, each designed to meet a wide range of internet users, from the most intermittent to the most online. Download speeds with this company can reach 40 Mbps.


A company which specializes in bundles, Comcast offers a reliable connection that means no downtime during bad weather and could mean special online discounts. Digital cable not only means fast internet, but HD viewing that is crystal-clear and phone reception which can't be matched. Bundling, or placing more than one service on the same bill allows for the ultimate in monthly convenience.


Although only five years as a home and business internet provider, Cogent is already making waves worldwide. Impressive speeds are a big draw of many customers to this company, with the ability to reach 1,000 Mbps for a business connection. Many package choices are available, and none experience the traffic slowdowns resulting from a large number of customers online at once.

Each one of Portland's nearly 100 neighborhoods has its own unique personality. From downtown to Old Town, Portland's eclectic communities allow the alternative and sophisticated to peacefully coexist. Living, working and playing in this "Most Livable City" is a balance that many of its residents have achieved.

The best way to keep your work and play days organized is with a reliable internet connection that comes from quality internet providers in Portland. And the best way to choose the right company for you is by understanding your internet needs and budget.


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